Helen Duncan / Creative director
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Birregurra Hall Ballyhoo

Director – Gorkem Acaroglu
Projections / Concept Collaborator - Craig Walsh
Production Manager - Jo
Creative Producer - Fiona Brandscheid
Creative Collaborator /Performer - Helen Duncan
Dance Hall Performer -  Anna Kallstrom
Dance Hall Performer -  James Welsby
Dance Hall Band -
Lighting Manager - 
Sound Manager

Publicity - Pia Cook, small town transformations 

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Co-creator / performer - Eryn Jean Norvill
Co-creator / performer -  Emily Tomlins
Director – Nic Holas
Soundtrack by Eryn Jean Norvill, Marcel Dorney and Robin Waters
Sound Designer/  Dramaturg - Marcel Dorney
Lighting Designer - Amelia Lever-Davidson
Set Designer - Owen Phillips
Costume Designer - Emily Collett
Choreographer - Helen Duncan
Production Manager - Bindi Green
Creative Producer - Samantha Butterworth
Videographer - Sam Mcgilp
Animator - Sebastian Berto
Fight Choreographer - Scott Witt
Sound Consultant - James Paul
Lighting Designer - Nick Glen
Publicity - Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)

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