Dance in Deans Marsh



Open Contemporary

This class will help students develop an ease of movement for their own individual body.  Exercises and movement material are designed to offer opportunity to develop physical awareness and clear pathways for achieving movement safely and freely.  The class is open to all levels and is tailored to accommodate both the beginner to discover new movement and for more experienced dancers to test their mind/body connections.  The class will begin with a series of gentle floor based exercises and as our energy, physical capabilities and motivation expands so to will the vigour of the class.  We will start gently, build safely and end with dynamism and energy.

Adult Ballet

This class is designed with the mature body in mind and will gently introduce you to the foundations of ballet technique.  Ballet offers an amazing opportunity to improve your posture, balance and muscle tone while being engaged in graceful movement set to beautiful music.  You're never too old to learn ballet technique and if you've ever said 'I always wanted to be a ballerina", well now is your chance!  The class offers a safe and supported environment to just rock on up and give it a go.  The class is also suitable for those coming back into dance after a hiatus or with some experience.  The pace of the class will be set with the individual students level of experience in mind.


These classes are all about what makes YOU feel amazing.  Come dressed as casual or kitted up as you wish.  We are here to dance, not to judge.  As a suggestion, I can recommend:

Open Contemporary

- Loose comfortable clothing
- Bare Feet

Adult Ballet

- Loose comfortable clothing & socks


- Go the whole hog!  Don't be shy - Pink tights (tick), Leotard (tick), Ballet Skirt (tick), leg warmers (tick), tiara (tick) & Ballet Pumps (tick).  What ever makes you feel like the ballerina you always wanted to be!


Please feel free to just rock up.  You are welcome to pay in cash on arrival.  If you have any injuries/ailments that you'd like to discuss prior to class or if you have any questions please head on down 10minute prior to our start time.  Alternatively please feel free to call me on 0428 884 406.

Lets Dance in 2018!

Classes starting in Deans Marsh
Monday 5th February 2018

Open Contemporary
Beginner Adult Ballet

If you're available, I'd love to dance with you every week.  You're also most welcome to drop in whenever life permits.

Venue: Deans Marsh Public Hall
Teacher: Helen Duncan

Timetable - 
Mondays 12.30pm - 1.30pm, Beginner Adult Ballet $15 per class
Tuesdays 6.30pm - 8pm, Open Contemporary $20 per class

Classes are available to the mature student (18yrs+)
(For those under 18, exceptions can be made on an individual basis, please contact Helen to discuss).

 Dance classes are led by Choreographer & Director HELEN DUNCAN

Dance classes are led by Choreographer & Director HELEN DUNCAN


Helen Duncan is a Choreographer and Artistic Director working in both dance and theatre.  As the Artistic Director of Wearable Art Mandurah (2014 – 2017), she has led the competition from a small-scale fashion show into one of Australia’s most prominent Creative Arts Showcases.  Her working method is highly collaborative and with skilled leadership she engages with artists individual strengths to promote authentic and skilled performance outcomes.  In theatre, Helen has most recently provided choreographic support for Elbow Room’s production “Niche”, reviewed as "one of the most technically accomplished plays this reviewer has ever seen on Melbourne stages, large or small" (Arts Hub). As Artistic Director for Riptide Performing Arts Company (2011-2014) she designed projects to engage young people with cutting edge contemporary theatre and dance experiences.  Under her direction the group have worked with professionals from Sydney Theatre Company, Black Swan Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre, Barking Gecko, Shaun Parker and others. Her independent dance theatre work has been presented at Edinburgh Fringe, Perth Fringe, Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals.  Helen is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and post-graduate performance company Link (2007).


helen duncan