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Elbow Room are amazing. Their work is bold, challenges the status quo and can be quite confronting. For me their talent lies in not isolating their audience, they keep us with them on the journey to communicate and challenge. Their also not afraid of throwing in a bit of humour and wit to really drive home a point. I really LOVE them and I was so thrilled to be invited to work with them on their recent production Niche.


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NICHE - Written and performed by Emily Tomlins and Eryn Jean Norvill

Wednesday 16th to Saturday 26th August 2017, Main Hall, Northcote Town Hall


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Co-creator / performer - Eryn Jean Norvill
Co-creator / performer -  Emily Tomlins
Director – Nic Holas
Soundtrack by Eryn Jean Norvill, Marcel Dorney and Robin Waters
Sound Designer/  Dramaturg - Marcel Dorney
Lighting Designer - Amelia Lever-Davidson
Set Designer - Owen Phillips
Costume Designer - Emily Collett
Choreographer - Helen Duncan
Production Manager - Bindi Green
Creative Producer - Samantha Butterworth
Videographer - Sam Mcgilp
Animator - Sebastian Berto
Fight Choreographer - Scott Witt
Sound Consultant - James Paul
Lighting Designer - Nick Glen
Publicity - Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)

You've found your place, your tribe, your Niche...

Niche is a pop star. She writes songs about what it's like to be her, and it has made her famous.

Jodee doesn't know about pop music. She knows about dangerous viruses. That's why she's been hired by Niche's management.

Belonging is everything. Replication is more.

Powered by a pumping original soundtrack from Steve Toulmin and Marcel Dorney (Prehistoric), directed by Nic Holas and created by Eryn Jean Norvill and Emily Tomlins (a tiny chorus), Niche is a surreal, irreverent and deeply affecting story about what we really want from celebrity in the digital age.

Elbow Room are a Melbourne-based theatre company committed to the rigorous development of the craft of writing and performance-making in order to test and strengthen the relationship between art and society, and the capacity of that relationship to create change.

Elbow Room are still the country’s best advocates for a theatre of ideas and imagination.” ★★★★ - Daily Review

"It's political theatre at its best." - Alison Croggon, ABC



"Dazzling, flawless, insightful, probing. If only all pop were this good"

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"this is one of the most technically accomplished plays this reviewer has ever seen on Melbourne stages, large or small"

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"There were no weak links in this team. The show soundtrack was a combination of all my favourite pop icons: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Nikki Minaj. The music, costumes, and dance choreography were the complete spectacle"

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"You will walk away from this one, barely able to register what has just transpired, in the most beautiful way"

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Niche (what a double-edged name) is gently acidic, funny with an edge and hard-hitting – a show with something to say coated with sugar to help the medicine go down.

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Powered by a pumping original soundtrack from Steve Toulmin and Marcel Dorney, directed by Nic Holas and created and performed by Eryn Jean Norvill and Emily Tomlins (a tiny chorus), Niche is a surreal, irreverent, and deeply affecting story about what we really want from celebrity in the digital age.

Niche takes us in into the world of its namesake, a famous pop star whose celebrity stems from hit songs about her life. Desiring to achieve the ultimate domination with her stardom, her management hires Jodee – an epidemiologist who knows about dangerous viruses – to help her.

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Show Images by Sam McGilp