Common Threads Wearable Art Showcase 2016 / by helen duncan

w art_1182.jpg

Artistic Director

Creative Team

Artistic Director Helen Duncan
Production management Creative Behaviours
Professional Performers Sofie Burgoyne, Emily Malone, Rosie Osmond, Tyrone Robinson, Katya Kokov
Choreographer (Community Cast) Laura Boynes
Musical Direction Tristen Parr
Lighting Design Joe Lui
Set Design James Higgins
Stage management Laura Boynes
Back Stage Management Leah O’Brien
Wardrobe Liz Ford, Deidre Robb, Giorgia Santacaterina, Cindy Wright
Production Assistants Robyn Duncan, Emma Thomas, Abigail Thomas, Leonora Wahl
Official Photography Travis Hayto
Presentation Flowers Kez Wickham
Styling Hair and Make-up Duvah Tinania
and Onyx Hair Crew

Community Cast

Kitty Boyd
Kaye Bramley
Erin Clitheroe
Leilani Cocks
Jen Collins
Monica Connelly
Alison Driver
Maddi Hall (DTX Dance Studio)
Karen Hansord
Emilie Johnstone-Maher (DTX Dance Studio)
Genevieve Kan (Co:Youth Ensemble)
Sarah Kemp (All About Dance Company)
Natasha Kennedy (DTX Dance Studio)
Courtney Loney
Caitlin Magill
Tahlia Russell
Kassandra Smith
Taleisha Steinbruckner (Dance Venture & Co:Youth Ensemble)
Teá Webb
Shannon White
Abbey Williams (DTX Dance Studio)
Harriet Wilson
Plus models from Metro Modelling Academy


Helen Duncan pushes artists’ concepts further with a sequence of stunning, witty, sensual and bizarre presentations that combine strong performance elements to captivate while the wearable artworks are displayed in memorable scenes.
— Nerida Dickson, ARTS HUB

Common Threads Wearable Art Showcase 2016


Fantastic production – enjoyed every minute of it!
— Aly May, stylist and fashion lecturer