3's Company, 2's A Party / by helen duncan

Presented at 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival, 2012 Perth Fringe, 2011 Edinburgh Fringe

Produced by Helen Duncan A Collaborative Project by Sarah Alexander, Helen Duncan & Quindell Orton Performers: Jayde Adams, Helen Duncan, Quindell Orton

“Go see! I saw this production in Edinburgh and was in absolute stitches....very talented physical comedians and dancers. ”

— Dave Callan, Comedian & presenter for Triple J

So here we are, one comedian trying to do dance, two dancers trying to do comedy.  After great reviews from the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival to a sell out season at the 2012 Perth Fringe we decided to pop this little baby into the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  What a blast!

“Duncan moves with skill and precision”

— Richard Watts, The Age

Reviews from Love Fringe at Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

“This very impressive combination of talents provides a great show, blending dance, comedy and more than a ‘touch of drama’ to create a great entertainment. A ‘must see’! ”

— dancefan

“I thought the show was brilliant – a unique combination of comedy, drama and dance. ”


“Forget seeing all the big and well know names! Go see these newcomers. Very droll humour, multi talented and moments of unexpected sheer joy and deep pathos. A real find of a show. They deserve you to turn up in droves. So go!”

— tartanali


Edinburgh Fringe is a must do for performance artists & audiences.  The energy, camaraderie and festivity is like nothing I've experienced before or since.

It was 2011 and after a short development of a new work I'd made with Quindell Orton and Sarah Alexander we decided to test said work out at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  We were living in the UK at the time so a quick trip to Edinburgh was easy and viable.  We had a 30minute show ready to go so wanting to complete a one hour program we took a punt with the then unknown comedian Jayde Adams, a Bristolian Comedian who is ridiculously funny simply by being herself.  

We'd never met, we didn't know one and others work.  Sure it was a risk but did we really stand to loose much more that our dignity?  No, we did not.  The punt paid off. Jayde is incredibly funny and her one woman show very much complimented our creative offerings.  We struck up a fantastic partnership and friendship with Jayde and her company really added a great deal to the joy of the experience.

The buzz in Edinburgh is just the best.  Spruking on the street is as much part of the experience and adrenaline rush as the performing.  Audiences are super generous and kind.  There is a warmth and incredible feeling of support.  It seems they really want you and your work to succeed.  They really are routing for you and your success.  The things with fringe is that there are 100's of show all competing for the same audience!  Street is rife with hagglers all convincing you to come to OUR show.  Hell, we'll even offer you free tickets just promise you'll come to MY show.  But it's amazing.  Performing for those four audience members who may or may not have paid, is rewarding and amazing.

I thank my sisters Jayde Adams, Quindell Orton and Sarah Alexander for accompanying and collaborating with me on one of the best experiences of my life.