"[CONTENT] Unearthing Inanimate Memory" Presented At Melbourne Fringe 2012 / by BlogAdmin

Presented at Melbourne Fringe 2012

A collaboration between Helen Duncan & Elanor Webber

Performance and Choreography by Helen Duncan & Elanor Webber   Lighting by Rylan Beckinsale Inflatable sculptures by Kieran Stewart

“Helen and Elanor combine humour and dramatic sensibility with fantastic physicality. This is dance-theatre which will surprise and delight. ”

— Kate Denborough, Creative Director of KAGE

In 2012 Elanor Webber and I were awarded a mentorship with Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck of dance-theatre company KAGE.  We were supplied with access to space and a small pocket of funds, for a two week period with regular feedback and advice from Kate and Gerard.  This began the initial development for our first collaborative full-length work [CONTENT].  We had a brilliant week presenting this new work at Revolt Melbourne for the 2012 Melbourne Fringe.

With special thanks to KAGE.

“I hope that many more people have the privilege of witnessing this incredibly stylistically textured, sensitive and intelligent piece of work. ”

— Audience member, 2012 Melbourne Fringe

Performance Dates: 26th September - 30th September